I'm Lexi

I'm a free-spirited, goofy, down-to-earth typa person with a passion for telling stories through digital imagery. I was born in Tucson, raised in west Phoenix, and went to college up north at NAU. Arizona's natural beauty is what constantly inspires me to keep creating and I absolutely love that my job allows to me to explore this place I call home.

I first picked up my camera my sophomore year of high school (2012) when my friend asked me to take pictures of his band. This led me to a scene of people that thrived on collaborating with another in order to create dope content. This sense of a bold community has stuck with me throughout my life, and I especially try to apply it to my photography because I believe that when you work together, you truly create works of art.

If you believe in my theory too, then hit me up, lets get coffee :)

*Also, I wanna get one thing straight... I'm not. I identify as a non-binary, androgynous, lesbian and I use she/her/hers pronouns :) That being said, I welcome ALL people to my sessions. No matter your race, sexuality, gender, religion, whatever - I'm here for you. 

Constable Media is a modern, colorful, and dynamic editorial lifestyle + branding photographer based out of Phoenix Arizona. Specializing in modern portraits, creative branding, small business social media imagery and live-events, Constable Media is available for projects across the Phoenix valley, northern Arizona, Tucson, Mexico, and worldwide.

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